An Old French Lady – Onilne

An old French lady called Onilne was the first to invent the window in the 17th century. She lived in France and became quite famous in her time. Her invention was a window that was attached to a door with hinges, to be able to open and close the door. The invention of this window would change her life. She had been a poor housewife when she came up with an idea.

Onilne was always surrounded by men and was quite ashamed of it. She never went out in public with her husband because he always wanted to be near to her in order to hear her complain about the day. On the other hand, her husband was completely against her choice of being unattractive and always complained that she looked old, when in fact she was much too young. He could never understand why she would want to remain as she was if she could have been beautiful. But she never had any idea how to make herself attractive, so she always blamed her appearance on her age.

Onilne never married. She used to take off her veil every time she went to see her husband, who always refused her. But after seeing her husband often and meeting his wife, she realized that he also was unhappy with her appearance. So, after the marriage she decided to get her body to look as she wanted and then marry him.

Onilne had made many inventions, such as a clock and a fountain, which are still being used today. She was very good at her craft and created many types of items. She invented a clock for the first time and then it was used by the royalty of France. She used all her skills to create this item and was the first one to invent a clock.

She was quite famous and was well known all over the world, especially by the royalty of France. There was a certain king who liked to keep a watchful eye on Onilne’s activities. He made sure that she was always working in her window, and if she did not finish a task that he gave to her, then she was to give him an apple. so that he would know what was happening at home.

After some time, she was very famous all over France, and she had many admirers from around the world. Some of them came to visit her and they used to see her every day, even if she did not come to their houses. Because of her fame, she lived very comfortably, in her house.

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