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Top 5 Signs to Look for in Discount Blinds

Think about the last time that you made a point to inspect your blinds?

If you can’t remember the last time, it might be time to inspect them for any wear-and-tear. Unfortunately, blinds in the average home have a lifespan of about 8-9 years. Here are the top 5 signs that your blinds are on their way to the window treatment graveyard.

  1. Hard To Raise

If you have to use a ton of force to lift your blinds, or if they don’t raise at all, there are two serious problems that could be causing you frustration. For starters, the lifting mechanism might be damaged or close to broken, or the blinds might be a bit too wide for the lighting mechanism and cords to support the load. 

With enough force, blinds or shades that can’t lift could come out of the window, posing as a serious safety hazard. Consider ordering new window treatments in this case.

  1. Slats are Bent or Warped

Slats that are bent or warped could be a sign of serious heat damage. This is especially true for faux wood blinds. For people that have wood blinds, warping or bending could be a sign of humidity damage. Of course, if there are only problems with one or two slats, a replacement slat might be the best option. In the case that the majority of the slats are out of wack, however, a new set might be the best bet.

We recommend avoiding faux wood blinds if you live in a really hot climate, as faux wood blinds tend to warp in extreme climates. Instead, try some UV blocking solar shades or window treatments with fabric.

While aluminum mini blinds are cheap, homes with kids and pets can leave them destroyed. If you have kids or pets, we recommend going with a more durable option, such as discount blinds at cordless cellular shades, shutters, or curtains.

Top 5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Window Blinds
Top 5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Window Blinds
  1. Cords are Frayed

If you’re dealing with frayed cords, it is a huge sign that it is time to change out your window treatments. For starters, frayed cords could mean that wear and tear has left them for dead. It could also mean that the cords are damaged because of a broken internal mechanism. Regardless of the reason, your window treatments are in danger of reach unusability.

  1. Frayed Fabric Edges

If you have noticed that your shades are fraying along the edges, it might be due to the fact that your shades are too wide for your windows. This means that they are scraping against the frame and that it is time to get proper sizes fitted.

  1. You’re Getting New Windows

If you just made an energy-efficient upgrade with some new windows, you should also consider getting new window treatments, as your old ones likely won’t fit. Take your new purchase opportunity and continue along with it by getting your hands on some fresh window treatments. Your new decor will thank you.

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