How to Choose the Right Type of Window Blind

A window blind is simply a type of blind that is used to partially shade a window or door. There are various types of window blinds that use various types of controls systems. Some of the most common ones include horizontal and vertical blinds, roller and slat blinds and the more modern ones like bi-folding and louvers.

Horizontal blinds are often installed on a window that faces away from the home. They are usually attached to the frame of the window frame and are attached to strings that pull them up when the windows are opened. The strings can be removed and then the slats pulled down. These types of blinds are also called roller blinds. These types of blinds are generally made from wood and are very elegant looking. They are great for window treatments such as entryways and walkways. They also come in different lengths with a minimum of twenty-four inches in length, and the maximum being a hundred and twelve inches.

Vertical blinds are installed on a window that is facing towards a home. They have the same function as the horizontal ones but the vertical blinds are placed on a vertical frame instead of a horizontal one. The strings are attached to the slats on the vertical blinds and the slats pull down when the window is opened. There is another type called the bi-folding blinds that have slats that are hinged together and this is the type of blind that is often referred to as a folding blind. There are also those that fold into place which are commonly called louvers and they are great for people who like the privacy of a louvered window but prefer not to open it.

Bi-folding blinds are basically louvers but are hung in rows. This type of blind requires no strings to pull them up. They are usually made from wood and are more expensive than the other two types. They can have all the features of a louvered blind and then they can be attached to the wall either by screws or by some other type of attaching device. When the window is open, these types of blinds are open and when closed, they are close and you do not have to open them to get a view of the outside.

Slat blinds are another type that are made to be placed in a doorway or window that is facing away from the home. They are not usually attached to the window frame and the slats come apart so that you can look into the room. Even though the slats are open, you still need to have some room to open the window to get a good view of the outdoors. These blinds are more expensive than the other types and most of them are made from wood.

Bi-folding blinds are also available and these are very common in homes that have more than one window that faces away from the home. The slats of these blinds come apart and there are two or more pieces that fold together into a larger panel that can be pushed together to make a full sized window that you can open and close. Roller blinds are not only used for window coverings but also as window treatments and they are used to give an elegant look to the outside of a home.

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