Top 10 Reasons Why Your Window is Important

Each room in your house can benefit from stunning windows and there’s countless number of various design styles to select from. If you’ve been searching for good ways to enhance the interiors of your house, consider your windows first. Windows are one of the most important features that affect the interiors of your house. They’re … Top 10 Reasons Why...

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An Old French Lady – Onilne

An old French lady called Onilne was the first to invent the window in the 17th century. She lived in France and became quite famous in her time. Her invention was a window that was attached to a door with hinges, to be able to open and close the door. The invention of this window … An Old French Lady...

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Sunscreen Protects Your Windows From the Heat of the Sun

The sun can be a great source of beauty for the outside, but it can also be a problem with your windows. If you are looking to protect your windows from the heat of the sun, you should consider purchasing a window treatment that has an impact on the heat of the sun. Sunscreen will … Sunscreen Protects Your Windows...

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Different Types of Window Treatments

A window cover is essentially a piece of glass that cover a window and has an insulating layer beneath the glass to allow heat to pass through. There are several different types of window coverings that use various control systems to open and close. These include roller blinds, roller shades and shutters, as well as … Different Types of Window...

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How to Choose the Best Window Blinds

A window shade is a kind of window coverings. It can be made from wood, vinyl, plastic, aluminum and even fabric. There are different types of window shades that use different control systems. Depending on the size and design of your windows, there are various types of blinds that would suit your windows. The first … How to Choose the...

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Important Things to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Your living room is probably a favorite place where many people gather. Whether it is just the whole family lounging around and enjoying TV or party game night with friends, many homes are full of living rooms. However, some rooms in your home seem to get overlooked, making them seem smaller than they really are. … Important Things to Consider...

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Protect Your Vehicle With an Air Bag Window

A roof rack for your SUV is a must-have when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s interior. Not only does the roof rack to protect your car from the elements, it also makes it easier to access your gear when it’s time to park. The roof racks are available in many different styles and sizes. … Protect Your Vehicle With...

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Double Paned Windows: A Window in the Home

A window is generally a small open space, used for light and ventilation or to allow fresh air into a house. In many instances, the word refers to a simple glass pane connected to the interior of a building with a frame on the front and perhaps additional doors on either end. But the basic … Double Paned Windows: A...

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